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Food Law Enforcement Practitioners

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Workshop on the Official Control of Food Supplements, Brussels, Belgium, November 2017

Hotels near Food Safety Centre

Risk-based official controls, Berlin, Germany, April 2010


Summary Day 1

Summary Day 2

Food Fraud, Birmingham, United Kingdom, January 2008



Transparency and Confidentiality, The Hague, The Netherlands, January 2007

Transparency in Food Control - The Irish Experience
Dorothy Guina-Dornan

Transparency as Means of Enforcement
Hilde Hamnes

Transparency As A Public Policy Principle In The Netherlands
Hanneke Heukers

Food Safety with a Smile(y)
Pascal Houbaert

London Food Hygiene information Publishing Scheme
Rick Mason

Understanding Transparency
Dr. Albert Meijer

Transparency: legal dimensions of a strategic discussion
Bernd van der Meulen

It's a Long Way to...Transparency
Niek Olieman

Scores on the doors and Transparency from a UK, FSA perspective
David Statham

Transparency of inspection results of governmental inspection agencies - a (Dutch) consumer perspective
Henry Uitslag

The enforcement agency as moral entrepreneur
Dr. Judith van Erp

HACCP, Brussels, Belgium, November 2005

Implementation of HACCP Principles in Small and Less Developed Businesses



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