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Food Law Enforcement Practitioners

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What is FLEP
FLEP Stake holders
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Products of FLEP

FLEP Stake holders

European Food Safety Authorities

FLEP forum meetings discuss European enforcement issues. Food Safety Authorities with enforcement roles can contribute to and benefit from the broad experience of FLEP-forum members.


The discussions and products of the FLEP-forum contribute to food safety for all consumers across the whole European Union.

Policy makers

Policy makers can use the FLEP-forum to form an opinion on food safety issues across the European Union.

Candidate Countries

FLEP-membership is open to candidate countries entering the European Union. By being a member of the FLEP-forum candidate countries can get an insight into EU food law enforcement even before becoming a full EU-member. They can also use the FLEP-forum as a tried and tested sounding board for their own food enforcement issues.

Trade and Industry

The discussions and products of the FLEP forum contribute to uniform enforcement of food safety legislation across the European Union. The EU multinational food industry can gain an overall understanding of food-law enforcement aspects in every Member State.

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